sábado, 23 de julio de 2011

What does Stephenie Meyer do?

Stephenie Meyer

-What does she do?

She is an Writer.

-What does the person exactly?

She wrote one of the most famous books about vampires, the Twilight saga.

-Where does she work?

She works in United States.

-What's the personality?

She is a very creative and romantic person.

-What's she like?

Obviously, she likes vampires and she likes the band Muse, who are part of the soundtrack of the movie.


White T-Shirt: 20$

Red Necklace: 7$

Red sneakers: 45$

Bluejeans: 30$

Red Bracelet: 10$

Red Sweater: 35$

Perfume 40$


The first one has a White Blouse, A white and black skirt, black socks, and a pair of black heels.

The second one has a blue dress, black legins and a pair of black heels.

The third one has a beige blouse, a purple skirt, black pantyhose and a pair of heels.

I hope you like it :)



I choosed this song because is really beautiful and it has a nice message. Christina Aguilera is a good singer too. This song means that we have to love who we are because we are perfect in our way. No matter what people say about you. You have to acept who you are.

Click HERE to see the video!

:) Love Yourself


viernes, 24 de junio de 2011

This is My House!!

1) Dining Room
2) Living Room
3) TV Room
4) 4 Bedrooms
5) 3 Bathrooms
7)Living Room
10) Porch
11) 2 Garage

I hope You like My House! :)

Dialy Rutine

I wake up always at 5 0'clock in the morning

When finally I get up, I brush my teeth

Then, I put my clothes on

When I'm ready I have Breakfast

At 6:20 I go to the University

I see my classes and talk with my freinds in my freetime

I go home and I have lunch with my sister and my roommate at 12 o'clock

After lunch I do my homework

In the afternoon I watch TV

I take a shower and always go to bed at 10 o'clock at night